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About Us

ADT pest control and cleaning

pest control in oman

ADT pest control and cleaning is one of the leading companies in Oman. It was established in 1997

About We provide a wide range of Disinfection pest control & Cleaning services which includes General pest control,Termite control, Mosquito & Spider control, Cat control, Rodent controlTermite controlCockroach ControlBedbug TreatmentAnt Treatment, Snake, scorpions, Disinfection and sanitation, Food and storage areas, Hospitals and pharmacies, Gardens and florist area, Commercial buildings & Offices, Cat control, Residential dwellings, Labor camps, Warehouses, Workshops, Storage yards

Make your office, conference room, workspace, store, storage room and more completely pest free with our commercial pest control services.
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Commercial Pest Control

Keep your office, meeting room, work space, shop, store room etc. completely bug free with our commercial pest control service.

Residential Pest Control

Get rid of bugs and insects from your kitchen, bed room, apartment, villa etc. with your residential pest control service.

Outdoor Pest Control

Make your garden, backyard, parking space, playground etc. completely safe and insect free with Outdoor pest control service.

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